Our peace and calm essential oil roller is for use when you need tranquility and harmony in your atmosphere. This anxiety blend roller wards off negative thoughts and encourages a peaceful environment. The woodsy aroma promotes feelings of spa & relaxation when applied to your pulse points. This roller is formulated with pure essential oils prediluted and ready to use.


Key Features

  • Mobile and can be taken on the go
  • 100 % Pure Essential Oils, Safe and effective
  • Ready to Use, prediluted
  • Formulated with sunflower oil for maximum skincare
  • A great Bath and Beauty Gift
  • Creates a positive atmosphere
  • Wards of negative energy
  • Cleansing and calming


  • Size: 10 Ml
  • Where To Apply: Apply to your pulse points and inhale

Peace & Calm Essential Oil Roller, Tranquility, Harmony Roll on, Anxiety Blend

  • Sunflower Oil, Vetiver, Palo Santo, Amyris, Cedarwood Essential Oil


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