Our Organic rosemary + thyme face serum is effective in treating acne due to its antiseptic and antibacterial properties which disinfect the skin, and fight pimples and breakouts. Rich in powerful anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, and Vitamin E rosemary helps soothe redness and dry skin while reducing puffiness and swelling to help restore the skin's natural glow. This moisturizer is a good addition to your skin care routine and makes giving self care gifts for her easy to do!

This skincare product is blended with Thyme Essential Oil to reduce the appearance of oily skin for a clean and smooth complexion.

Organic Face Serum Rosemary + Thyme For Oily Skin

SKU: 0001973
  • The foundation of this blend begins with infused oil made from calendula flowers soaked in Safflower oil, added Rosehip oil and100% unadulterated rosemary +thyme essential oil. You will receive a 1 oz glass dropper bottle of this hydrating oil. Always we are

    Cruelty Free• All Natural

    Contains no preservatives, toxins, or chemicals

    Store in a cool dry place