Our vegan Beard oil is formulated to soften, tame, and hydrate the skin. This facial oil for beard care is made with conditioning ingredients like argan oil, jojoba oil castor, and grapeseed oil. All these high-quality conditioning ingredients stimulate new hair growth to make your beard feel stronger and fuller.

Our lightweight, leave-in formula contains essential oils like cedarwood Atlas, Lemongrass, Pine, and Rosemary Essential Oil. Tame your unruly beard and soothe your beard itch with a natural formula that goes without feeling heavy or greasy so you can enjoy an easy path to an awesome beard.

Vegan Beard Oil

SKU: 10027
  • -Softens beard to reduce itch

    -A natural beard moisturizer

    -Keeps beard and face smelling fresh and clean

    -Reduces flaking or beard dandruff

    -Best for stubble, scruff, and full beards