Take a Spa-like bath in the comfort of your own home after a stressful day without having to spend a fortune at an actual Spa. Our organic bath salts relax and cleanse your body and have great therapeutic properties. Our formulation of this vanilla rose aromatherapy bath is Epsom salt European salt, Himalayan salt, and pure essential oil vanilla and rose essential oil to aid in your sore muscle relief. The soothing scents of vanilla and rose calm can help relieve tension and calm the mind. These detox bath salts are great for nightime use. They also make excellent thinking of you gift. A nice luxury birthday or a self-care gift for a best friend. This bath soak comes in 1 lb. Ziplock bag for multiple uses.

Organic Bath Salts Vanilla Rose

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  • Pour the desired amount into a tub full of warm water. The salts may add glide to the surface of the tub so caution is advised.