Natural Hemp Seed Skin Moisturizer

This natural hemp seed skin moisturizer is good for balancing out oil production and can calm inflammation skin while keeping your skin nourished and highly moisturized.


This organic body lotion is packed with vitamin C and omega fatty acids to brighten the appearance of your skin, leaving it soft, youthful, supple, and glowing without clogging your pores.


The advantage with this skin buttercream is all skin types can benefit from it, including those with acne, eczema, and oily skin.


Made with 100 % Pure Essential oils, like Rosemary, which is calming, and Petitgrain, which is antiseptic and soothing to the nerves.


This skin care moisturizer -is formulated with mango and Shea butter, both highly moisturizing emollients. Carrier oils such as jojoba and avocado may reduce the signs of maturing. Also, this blend contains flaxseed Oil, which promotes rehydration and can keep the skin from drying out and pure hemp seed oil that can address skin problems like itchy, dry skin, and other skin irritations.


Size: 2 oz

Directions: Apply a small amount then massage into skin.

Natural Hemp Seed Skin Moisturizer

  • Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, Hemp Oil, Rosemary Essentail Oil, Petitgrain Essential Oil

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