Focus, Essential Oil Roller, Mental, Clarity Essential oil, Roll On

Focus, Essential Oil roller, is a Brain-Boosting aromatherapy blend made of enticing mental, clarity essential oils. This roll on promotes, mental stamina, enhances memory, and relieves mental exhaustion.


An additional bonus is this oil roller is formulated with safflower oil a quick-absorbing oil for immediate use. This essential oil blend will not only improve energy and focus, but it will have an uplifting effect on your mood and emotions as well.


Made with pure essential Oils


Peppermint- keeps you focused, motivated, and energized


Frankincense- reduce stress levels, helping to boost your mood, and minimize distractions


Basil- rejuvenates, refreshes you, and gets you right back in your game. Relieves nervous tension


Rosemary- helps to boost memory, focus, and concentration

Sweet Orange- boost mood, and energize the senses



This aromatherapy oil is travel size and can be taken anywhere. The roller bottle is compact and can fit into a pocket.


Roll this 10 ml roller blend on the back of your neck or pulse points and inhale.


Focus, Essential Oil Roller, Mental, Clarity Essential oil, Roll On

  • Safflower Oil, Basil, Rosemary, Peppermint, Frankincense, Orange Essential Oil


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