As we continue to age “Up”, we can still have skin that “Glows”

Our Elderflower GloUp Serum is a potent formula that is made with age-defying infused herbs that hydrates, plump skin, and locks in moisture.

Formulated with elder-calendula-infused oil. Enhanced with neroli and sandalwood essential oil. This skin nourishing zero waste face serum includes vitamin e and is paraben free.

This organic skincare is soothing, penetrating, and rejuvenating. Absorbs quickly into the skin and is lightweight.

This vegan skincare is gentle and can be used on all skin types

Plant-based and a perfect addition to your natural green beauty skin care routine.


Elderflower Serum

SKU: 0014
  • 1 Fl oz.
    Infused Elderflower- Calendula (Sunflower Oil) Solar method

    Paraben Free | Vegan | Organic | Pure Essential Oil