Our authentic African Bath Sponge is hand-cut and has been used for centuries in Africa and is still popular today. This African net sponge is made of nylon and naturally exfoliates dead skin. This skin care product lathers nicely, exfoliates, rinses easily, and dries quickly. Use this netted sponge the same way you use your washcloth in the bath or shower. This sapo sponge can also be washed therefore minimizing the chances of holding bacteria unlike, regular loofah sponges. When taken care of properly this green sponge can last for years

Bath and Body Product details:

- Allows to effectively clean all areas of the body including the back!
-Dries faster than a washcloth and prevents the accumulation of germs.
-reduces the amount of soap and water needed for a shower.

Hand-Cut into 15 inches of nontraditional squares. The cut signifies the originality used for centuries by the African culture.


African Bath Sponge- Nylon Sapo Sponge