Your Keys To Success: Essential Oils Methods Of Application

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Essential oils can be used safely and effectively in ways, both for their scent and for their medicinal qualities. They can be used in diffusers, added to bath salts, and used individually, in minor first cases. Other methods of application include body lotions, creams, and more. The types of oil that are used and the application of the oils can vary quite a bit. The two main types of application of essential oils are as fragrances and aromatic oil. Today I will focus on aromatic oils and some methods of applications

Methods of Application

Direct Inhalation

Inhaling essential oil is the most straightforward form of using aromatherapy. You take a cotton ball or inhale the essential oil straight from the bottle. This application is useful for in situations of grief, anxiety, panic attack or respiratory issues that need direct attention.

Another method using inhalation is to take an essential blend and apply it to your palm and inhale. In situations of distress, this can be useful. You can also purchase inhaler tubes and apply the essential oil directly to the tube liner then insert and inhale. I find this method works well for mobile use.

Diffusion (atomizer diffuser)

Oh, how I love this method! An aromatic diffuser is a device used for

· Relaxation

· Increase Alertness

· Purify the air

· Insomnia

· Romantic purposes such as setting the mood or seasonal events

· Stress and anxiety

· To reduce fatigue

Reading the manufacturing guidelines before using a diffuser is recommended. Some diffusers use distilled water only and can be operated up to a certain number of hours. Be sure to check the sensitivity of others, allergies, pets’ children, and other medical factors before the use of essential oil in a diffuser.

Mist Sprays, Topical, Environment

Aromatherapy sprays are made with water, essential oils, and a soluble that helps distribute the blend into the air. A room or linen spray is an example of a mist that is used to purify, cleanse and calm the mind. A mist spray can serve one purpose or many. Getting the most benefits of this type method of application is key to your essential oil success.

Topical Application, (Compress, Bath, Massage, Creams)


An essential oil compress is an effective way to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. A simple formula for a warm compress would be to add warm water to a basin then add 4-5 drop of essential oil. Dip the cloth into the blend, squeeze excess water then apply it the affected area until the cotton has cooled then repeat. Essential Oil hot compresses are useful for

· Backaches

· Rheumatism

· Arthritis

· Abscesses

· Earaches

· Toothaches


Aromatic bathing has been used throughout the centuries for medicinal and sensual purposes. Adding additional natural ingredients such as bath salts can give the bath a boost or if you want to use essential oil alone, add a few drops to a full bath of warm to hot water. An aromatic bath can

· Soothe achy muscles and joints

· pain

· Relieve Insomnia

· Stress and anxiety

· Calm skin Inflammation

· Add to a euphoric experience

· Increase the energy for romantic interludes

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy creams and lotions can be used for either your face or body and some instances both. The key to your success is knowing the base of the oils and what they include. Essential oil for massage will consist of pain relief and induce feelings of calm and relaxation. It would be beneficial to add essential oils to the base of the cream that will promote these feelings.

Depending on the skin type and the age of the person, a more nourishing base with essential oils may be needed. Dry, mature skin will require more nourishing oils.

Creams and Lotions

When using a cream or a lotion, the same method applies when choosing the right base and essential oil. You can use Aromatherapy creams, lotions, and massage for these benefits.

· Relaxation

· Migraines

· Chronic Pain

· Stress

· Anxiety

· Sprains

· Skin Inflammation

· Skin Care

· Toning

· Wound healing

· Scar Reduction and appearance

· Skin Hydration

· Soften and soothe the skin

· Detoxification

It's crucial that you be aware of the type of oils what's in the products that you are currently using and which are readily available to you. In determining the most effective methods knowing the oils which you would like to use will assist.

Your key to success is knowing what the essential oil is used for, what part of the body that needs attention and knowing how to apply the best method will ensure your success in using aromatherapy.

It's crucial that you be aware of the type of oils what's in the products that you are currently using and which are readily available to you. In determining the most effective methods knowing the oils which you would like to use will assist.


· Seek the advice of a physician before starting or adjusting any medical plan

· When you are unsure of which aromatherapy method is right for you, seek an aromatherapist for help.

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