What Everybody Ought to Know About Solid Perfumes

Many factors go into determining what is a solid perfume. In aromatherapy, a single solid perfume is based on the carrier oils and the scent and herbs that are chosen. The simplest form does not contain alcohol to carry and hold the scent. A carrier oil is used for this purpose. Solid perfumes are easy lovely, fun, and easy to make. Most are travel friendly and you would use your fingers to apply like you would a lip balm. Most are easy to apply and can be used just about anywhere on the body. Solid perfumes are ecofriendly and usually packaged in recyclable tins or glass jars. The only downside is that they can be more expensive because it takes a lot more essential oils than regular fragrance oils. The upside is they last a long time, so you do get a bang for your buck. If you have a sensitivity to oils a drawback can be that a solid perfume may not be useful. A spray that can be applied to the clothing rather than the skin would apply here. Below is my favorite formula for a Solid Rose perfume.


2 ounces of Rose infused oil

1ounce of Beeswax

30 drops Rose absolute

Rose petals for the top

4 oz tin

1). Over a double boiler melt beeswax in a small glass Pyrex dish.

2). Add rose infuse oil and gently return it to liquid.

3). Remove from heat and allow to cool slightly. Measure in the essential oils and pour into the 4 oz tin.

4). Let cool for several minutes then add the rose petals on top. Let solidify

*To Make a rose infusion. In a mason jar add a handful of shredded roses or dried rose petals to one cup of almond oil. Place the jar on low heat in a pot of water for about 3 hours. You do not need the water to simmer. You just need it to keep warm. Drain the flower mixture in a cheesecloth and store the oil in a cool dry place.


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