The Secrets of Matcha Green Tea

Matcha Green Tea is taking over magazines, wellness blogs and other forms media and almost all tea fanatics are getting into this trend. We all know about Green Tea but in what ways is Matcha Green Tea different from regular Green Tea? Therefore, we wanted to bring it to your attention and fascinate you with this awesome idea.

What is Matcha Green Tea Powder?

Matcha Green Tea powder is processed by taking fresh green tea leaves and grounded into bright colored green powder and then blended with hot water contrary to regular green tea where the mass of leaves is removed after infusion. In simple words, Matcha Green Tea grinds the green leaves that are part of the drinkable portion of tea while in case of green tea we throw away the green leaves after boiling them.

Louise Cheadle, who co-authored The Book of Matcha wrote, “green tea is a bit like boiling spinach, throwing away the spinach and just drinking the water”.

Green leaves are processed under shade to retain chlorophyll and nutrients. Chlorophyll gives it a bright green color while the nutrients retain its value.

Health Benefits of Matcha Green Tea[i]

Anti-Oxidant Powerhouse

Matcha Tea Powder contains antioxidants and in daily moderation it neutralizes free radicals in the body thus preventing cell damage and reducing the chances of developing chronic diseases like cancer. Free radicals are the leading cause of developing cancers in the body.

Promotes Heart Health

An unhealthy diet or lack of exercise results in the accumulation of LDL in the blood vessels, which is the leading cause of heart diseases. Matcha helps prevent the accumulation of LDL in blood vessels which in turn helps maintain blood pressure and mildly lower cholesterol in the blood. This promotes heart-healthy agenda and reduces the risk of stroke and heart attack.

Weight Loss

Green Tea extracts are known to reduce weight because they enhance metabolic activity in the body which promotes fat burning and boost energy expenditure in the body.

Various studies also suggest this claim and therefore green tea extracts are the key ingredient of almost all weight loss supplements. Matcha Green Tea is the best weight loss solution that results in healthy fat burning.

Improves Mental Function

Our mental activity has a direct correlation with our metabolism, and it is of great importance when it comes to maintaining our mental health. Matcha Green Tea powder is known to enhance concentration, reaction time, mental coordination, and memory.

Matcha has greater concentrations of caffeine in comparison to regular green tea. Thus, it is clear that taking Matcha Green Tea as part of your organic diet plan is a great way to improve your brain health.

Protects Liver

Our liver is a hub of purifying our blood because it metabolizes drugs, degrade toxins and process nutrients. Matcha is known to coordinate activities in the liver that result in protecting the overall health of our liver.

Various studies taken in controlled groups support the claim that as people used Matcha Green tea as part of their diet had better liver activity in contrast to people who did not use it.

The list of key benefits of Matcha green is tremendous. Therefore, we are going to highlight a few more without going into great details

· Improves the balance of gut bacteria.

· Fortifies the immune system.

· Reduces skin damage from the sun

Preparation of Matcha Green Tea

We are now going to give you a quick guide of the ingredients and necessary directions that you have to consider to prepare Matcha Green Tea. Fortunately, it is quite easy and feasible to make Matcha that tastes delicious.


  • Bamboo Whisk

  • Matcha Green Tea

  • Small Sifter


The main steps involved preparation of Matcha Green Tea are

1) Sift 1-2 tsp of matcha into a teacup

2) Add 6 oz of hot water

3) Whisk with a bamboo whisk until the tea is frothy

4) Matcha is ready to drink

One of the key considerations is to take hot water right after heating to make good quality Matcha Green Tea. Coldwater is not particularly good at actively dissolving nutrients and hence does not make for the best outcome for Matcha Tea.

If you want a more concentrated or diluted version of matcha, you can increase or decrease Matcha Powder in the first step. But moderation is always recommended when it comes to maintaining your health and taking proper diet.

Matcha Green Tea is going to be one of the best additions to your organic diet plan because of its natural healthy ingredients. A healthy routine that includes daily exercise and moderate food intake is best for improved physiological processes like metabolism and other cellular processes. Taking Matcha Green Tea with your daily food will change your general outlook as you become healthier and leaner.

Bringing knowledge to you about healthy products helps you to make informed decisions. This helps us at Osiria Natural Products to give back to our community!

[i] Bonuccelli, G., Sotgia, F., & Lisanti, M. P. (2018). Matcha green tea (MGT) inhibits the propagation of cancer stem cells (CSCs), by targeting mitochondrial metabolism, glycolysis and multiple cell signalling pathways. Aging (Albany NY), 10(8), 1867.

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