The 5 Best Things About Calendula

Growing Calendula from seed has been an enjoyment for many people over the years. Calendula has many names. The plant is often confused with the garden marigolds. The plant can be grown in many conditions and growing herbs are much less expensive overall than purchasing them from a nursery. Traditionally calendula is used for its medicinal properties and in this article, I will discuss the 5 best things about calendula.

  • Calendula has anti-inflammatory action and can be useful in lessening the swelling of strained muscles and bruises. The plant can also treat varicose veins and leg ulcers. Made into a simple balm and applied topically calendula can be used to decrease inflammation.

  • Calendula is a great moisturizer for dry chapped skin. It helps to soothe irritated area and reduce the pain associated with inflammation.

  • One thing I love about calendula is its antiseptic and antimicrobial qualities. The properties of this herbal wonder are that it helps to speed up the healing of wounds, minor cuts, and insects’ bites (Heikenfeld, 2017). The antiseptic properties also aid in faster relief from acne and bedsores. Another popular usage is for diaper rash.

  • The antifungal action of calendula works to tame skin issues like dermatitis, athletes’ foot, and eczema (Heikenfeld, 2017). Other skin problems can be soothed by using calendula in a bath tea.

  • Calendula tea can be used for a sore throat. The herb can be made into a gargle by using one cup of water a one tbsp. of calendula dried flowers. Bring to a boil and steep for 10 minutes. This tea can be used as a gargle when cooled.

Whether acute or chronic the perennial herbaceous plant is an all-purpose herb that is useful for alignments. It can be incorporated into many lotions, balms, or ingested into teas.


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