Why You Should Use Infused Dandelion Salve After a Workout?

As of late becoming, healthier has been a mission of mine. Part of becoming healthier meant I needed to workout. After a workout, I was sore. I experienced tired, achy muscles so much that I could not rest peacefully at night. I want to use a muscle rub, but all that is offered is the store brands that contain synthetic ingredients. I had the thought of why not turn Infused Dandelion Oil into a natural muscle and pain-relieving salve.

The first thing I did was infused dandelion flowers in olive for weeks in a jar on my front porch. I wanted to get all the nutrients possible from the flowers. After, I strained the flowers in cheesecloth and saved the oil in a fresh, clean jar with a label. My favorite thing to do is to infuse. I picked dandelion flowers because of the anti-aging benefits and detoxifying properties that rid the skin of toxins that clog the pores. After a sweaty workout, the skin could use some detoxification.

Once I established a plan for skincare, I moved on to my most significant dilemma, and that was achy sore, tired muscles. I knew I wanted to have the salve absorb quickly. I added organic beeswax to the balm. I also added coconut oil for extra skin protection and to make the salve glide on silkier. One of the essential oils I choose is marjoram. The benefit of marjoram is that it increases blood circulation, and eases muscle spasms and pain from sprains and sore muscles. Marjoram is neuroleptic. The effect is sedative. This essential oil promotes calm and induces sleep. My restlessness due to soreness after a workout would be solved using marjoram for both purposes. I also included eucalyptus essential oil because it is anti-inflammatory, and it eases and soothes pain, especially from arthritis and pain associated with arthritis. Once the blend sat out on the counter for a few hours, it hardened, then it was ready to use. The benefits of this salve are

-Solar Infused for its anti-aging properties

- Glides on smooth

- Super moisturizing

- Quick absorption

- Pain-relieving

- Soothes tired, achy muscles

- Eases muscle spasms

-Induces Sleep

Ingredients: Dandelion flower, Olive oil (to infuse), Coconut Oil, Organic Beeswax, Marjoram, and Eucalyptus Essential Oil. Pour into jars and let harden.

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