How to Turn White sage and Lavender Smudge Sticks from Zero to Hero

Updated: May 5, 2020

If you are looking for some ideas about what white sage smudging and ceremonies are, this article is for you. White sage is a North American natural plant that is mostly used in Native American rituals and ceremonies. It has an herbaceous, stem-like leaf with smooth green colored flowers.

It is not only people who use white sage as a ritual. Many cultures use it in their ceremonies. White sage is used to bless the Earth for the coming of Spring, to create a spirit that will protect the Earth from negative forces and to bring love and warmth into your home.

There are many positive feelings and visions associated with using white sage for ceremonies. Although most cultures use organic white sage in rituals, the New Age way is to bring good energy into your home and inspire mindfulness.

Today I will be doing this fun DIY to show you how to use white sage smudging to banish negative energy, cleanse your space, and bring a peaceful calm into your home.

How To Make a Smudge Stick?


To turn your smudge stick from zero to hero, you will need these supplies.

Floral + Lavender + Sage Smudge Sticks


white sage


roses or any other herb or flower that dries well.

cotton twine



There is no specific way to do this, so attractively bundle your herbs. Wrap tightly with cotton twine and wait till dry if your herbs are fresh.

How to Smudge

Lite one end of your smudge bundle over a safe fire bowl. Let the smudge stick smolder until the amber dies. Walk around your space, waving the smudge stick, and recite a positive mantra. You are done when you have circled your area once.

This DIY is so simple, and yes! You guessed it!! The key to turning your ordinary smudge bundles into herbal wonders is to use organic materials such as cedar, Rosemary, and Palo Santo sticks, or dried flowers. The benefits are incredible, and your space will come alive!!

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