Easy Steps to Make a DIY Balm for Cuts, Bruises, & Scrapes

This week our choice to spotlight a product is different from the past. This week instead of spotlighting an essential oil we are spotlighting herbs.

Perhaps you’ve heard of Comfrey root?

Comfrey was once commonly called Knitbone because of its amazing ability to heal broken bones and put them back together again. The botanical name, Symphytum, means “to unite.”

The incredible healing action this plant has on broken bones and wounds comes from a constituent contained in the leaf and root called allantoin. This compound is a cell proliferant that helps to regenerate wounded areas of the body and speed up new healthy cell growth.

Comfrey is one of my favorite herbs for bruises, but it must be used with caution. Because of comfrey's fast healing properties, the potential is there for comfrey to heal the top layer of the skin without healing the bottom.

Use precaution and not use comfrey on deep wounds or lacerations and avoid comfrey for major skin wounds, and use it only for bruises, sprains and minor cuts and scratches.

Another herb we are spotlighting is calendula officinalis also called pot marigold

originated in the Mediterranean and is a member of the aster or daisy family.

Although its flowers are also bright orange and yellow, calendula should not be confused with the common garden marigold (Tagetes).

Calendula is widely used as an anti-inflammatory and as a remedy for skin infections, burns, and numerous other conditions. Today I want to focus on calendula and comfrey balm for cuts and bruises and scrapes.

Here is what you will need to do to make this body balm. First, you will need the supplies to infuse the herbs in oil.


• 2 Mason Jars

• Olive oil

• Calendula flowers dried

• Comfrey root dried

• Cheesecloth

Place 2 Tbsp of each herb in the mason jars separately. Add olive oil to cover the herb at least 2 inches from the top of the herbs. Screw the jar tightly and place in the sun for two weeks shaking twice a day.

Once the herbs are infused drain them separately in a cheesecloth-lined strainer. Bottle each separately and label.

How to make a healing balm


Coconut oil

Organic Beeswax




Arnica Oil

Melt beeswax in a double boiler on the stove. Add coconut oil and infused oil. Add essential oils lasts and fill containers. Let this homemade balm cool. You can lightly place the lid if you want to. This skin balm will begin to harden within minutes.


When the time does not allow you can infuse the oil in a crockpot. Use the same method. Place the mason jar of herbs in a crockpot of water. Turn the crockpot to low. Infuse the herbs 1-5 hours.

When done strain the herbs and proceed with the rest of this all-natural balm.

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