How To Do a DIY Herbal Facial Steam

Updated: May 5, 2020

Facial steams are my favorite indulgence. Whether you receive them at the spa or do it yourself at home the skin benefits are great. I use to get them at the spa until my pocketbook decided it didn’t like the financial sacrifice. So I decided to begin a regiment and pamper my skin at home.

A facial steam is easy to do. It does not consume your time and you will feel relaxed after. Plus the many skin benefits of facial steaming are amazing.

Why a Herbal Facial Steam

A relaxing herbal facial steam boost skin circulation removes dirt build-up in pores and loosens blackheads. Aromatic herbs when place in steaming water releases oils that have anti-bacterial and astringent properties, which are then absorbed by your skin. The spa-like facial treatment is also relaxing and calming because this one is made with lavender flowers.

How to do a Herbal Facial Steam?

When choosing herbs there are so many to choose from, the key is knowing the herbs that will get you the most benefit for your skincare. I am keeping it simple by choosing the ones that are first, readily available and any skin type will benefit from.

* Lavender - soothing to the mind and skin. Lavender is a gentle herb that relieves itching, is astringent, and anti-bacterial.

* Calendula- this particular herb is perfect for those with eczema and psoriasis. Calendula has anti-inflammatory, astringent and anti-microbial properties, and is gentle for those with sensitive skin

* Chamomile - is helpful for dry skin. This skin-soothing herb has anti-inflammatory properties to calm your skin, anti-bacterial to fight against active bacteria, and anti-viral properties for protecting against skin infections.

* Rose Petals- Helps improves scars and wrinkles. Roses are good for toning, reducing redness, and cleansing the skin. Many skincare products use rose water in their blends. I also use roses, rose oil, and rose absolute in many of my skincare products to achieve these benefits for you at half the cost. Now that we have our herbs chosen it's time to move on to the fun and relaxing part and this is the facial steam. I am going to list some simple supplies that anyone can use in the herbal steam.


* A medium to large pot for boiling water

* Medium-large bowl

* A large towel for tent making


Boil water to your desired temp. Fill a bowl with the steaming hot water, then place herbs. Steep for up to 5 minutes, then make a tent with the towel and place it over your head. This facial steam can get pretty hot, so make sure you keep a distance between you and the bowl to avoid burns. Steam for up to 20 minutes or as long as the steam will allow. After, use our jasmine toner to cleanse and remove the remaining dirt buildup. Pamper your skin after with our rose serum or our new vitamin C facial serum and you will be good to go! I've listed the links below to help you easily find these the product's mentions.

I hope that you enjoyed this DIY.

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