Cuticle Oil Pen for Nails

Cuticle oil is an amazing moisturizing product for your nails, cuticles, and personal care. It comprises carrier oils that contain many vitamins and minerals that are cruelty-free. When nails and cuticles are exposed to the elements of excessive cold, heat, chlorine soap, or salt waters they become dry, brittle, and damaged. Cuticle oils help to maintain the skin around the nails by moisturizing and protecting the skin from deep within and restoring the skin to its natural health.

Cuticle oil can also improve the appearance of your nail if you paint your nails or it can protect your polish and give your nails a durable sheen.

How to choose a Cuticle Oil

Many vegetable-based oils are great for your skin care. The best cuticle oils are the ones that are thinly base and I choose those because they absorb faster into the skin. It is best to understand that sometimes a mixture of thinner and thicker are needed depending on the condition of your nails. According to (Payne, L. (2016). 7 natural BEAUTY essentials) some good base oils are proven with time to be useful in myriad ways and withstand the test of times to be great purchases.

· Safflower Oil- Contains vitamin E which helps to prevent nails from cracking and is perfect for winter months when the skin may become drier.

· Almond Oil- is an antioxidant powerhouse and may help to prevent the skin around the nails from peeling

· Flaxseed Oil- Is a super hydration treatment that gives nails a natural boost by providing omega-3 fatty acids which means the oil is super hydrating and helps the nail beds to remain hydrated

· Rice Bran Oil- Is exceptionally light, easily absorbable, and gives hand and nails a youthful appearance.

Essential oils play a vital role in making a cuticle oil a success. Many essential oils have both medicinal and topical benefits and are great to add to most emollients. The essential oils that I have chosen for the DIY have specific properties that enhance any hand and nail regiment.

· Myrrh- Strengthens nails and promotes the growth of smoother, less ridged nails

· Lavender- Antifungal, antiseptic properties which protect your nails from undesirable microbes

· Geranium–Anti-inflammatory, Antiseptic, and helps to enhance the circulation around the nails promoting beautiful and radiant hands.

Supplies Needed

Cuticle Pens

Small glass bowl

Almond Oil

Myrrh, Geranium, & Lavender Oil

Pipette to apply the oil


1.) Mix the above essential oils in a small glass bowl.

2.) Remove the top of the cuticle pen that contains the brush.

3.) Add almond oil halfway using a pipette.

4.) Add essential oils that you have premeasured to the blend using a different pipette.

5.) Screw the brush back on and shake to blend.

How to use a Cuticle Oil Pen

The first time you use your cuticle oil pen, you need to twist the pen about 10 times to get the oil out at the end of the brush. After that twist your oil pen once or twice, and brush the oil onto cuticles and nails. Massage the oil into your skin and nails and wait a moment for the oil to absorb.

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Payne, L. (2016). 7 natural BEAUTY essentials. Alive: Canada’s Natural Health & Wellness Magazine, 400, 72–76.

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