Cracking the Menopause Code with 5 Natural Remedies

Many women turn to natural remedies to relieve their menopause symptoms and I am one of them. Hormonal changes during menopause can be frustrating but with some wisdom, we can all manage these symptoms successfully. Here a few remedies that worked for me.

Food & Nutrition

During menopause, bones can become weakened due to osteoporosis. Adding Vitamin D to your diet can be helpful. Checking with your physician first is always recommended. There is also calcium-rich food like dairy, yogurt, milk, and cheese that can contribute to the daily intake of Vitamin D.

Getting weight under control, eating a healthy diet, and exercise can contribute to lowering the chances of hot flashes and night sweats [1]. Drinking plenty of water, reducing sugar, and getting a good night’s rest can all contribute to the reduction of the symptoms as well.


A change in estrogen and progesterone levels can trigger abnormal sleeping patterns. Progesterone is a sleep producing hormone so while journeying through menopause when this hormone is disrupted this can produce irregular sleeping patterns [2]. To combat this issue, I use an infusion of tea right before bedtime.

To make a nerve tonic for relaxation

1 Part Skullcap

1 Part Valerian

1 Part Lavender

1 Part Chamomile

Infuse the tea in hot water for 10-12 minutes then drink 1 hour before bedtime. This tea can be made hours before. The longer it steeps, the better the medicinal effects.

Hot Flashes and Night Sweats

One of the most useful items I have found in taming night sweats is a cooling pillow. The purpose of a cooling pillow is for the fabric to remain cool to the touch regardless of any sleep position. An allergen microfiber pillow works the best for night sweats. Also, for hot flashes rubbing some peppermint oil mixed with a carrier oil applied to the forehead can quickly alleviate hot flashes.

Irritability and Mood Swings

Adrenal imbalances in the body’s stress hormones can cause irritability and a change in mood during menopause. Luckily, nature provides an herbal remedy for irritation. Herbs like chamomile, peppermint, St Johns Wort, and lavender can all help us handle these emotions during this tumultuous time. A natural remedy and Ayurvedic treatment that has sedative effects and can help you sleep as well is this simple body oil

Massage Oil or Body Oil


  • 1 oz glass bottle

  • 1 tsp St. John’s Wort Oil

  • 7 drops of Lavender

  • 4 drops of Peppermint

  • 4 drops of Roman Chamomile

  • Sweet Almond Oil (almost 1 oz)


Add essential oils to bottle and swirl to incorporate. Add sweet almond oil and St John’s Wort to neck of bottle. Use during a massage or as a daily moisturizing oil after your shower.


For many women, instability is the worst menopause symptom. Emotional balance is so important for coping. Relaxation techniques can help to bring back balance. Yoga, meditation, deep breathing exercises, and self-care are all important to overcome feelings of instability. Many essential oils can help. Using Frankincense during meditation can aid in bringing clarity and stability to your thoughts. Blue Tansy Essential Oil can help ground your emotions as well. Sometimes all we need is a timeout and a moment to ourselves to ground our emotions. Try this essential oil roller blend for stability blended at 15 % dilution


  • 15 drops of Cedarwood

  • 8 drops of Patchouli

  • 8 drops of Blue Tansy

  • 10 ML Roller Bottle

  • Safflower Oil

Add oils and safflower oil into the bottle. Cap and roll on the wrist and inhale

Natural remedies can help make menopause easier. Fresh foods, diet, exercise, and a coping plan to handle emotions can work to our benefit when we prepare ourselves body and mind for this life’s journey.

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