Cleanse Your Space 2020

As the new year approaches fresh ideas and perspectives take center stage. One way to make way for the new is to cleanse your space. Your space can be your mental, home, office, or any place that you occupy for a long period of time. There are various ways to make space and get rid of old ideas, negativity, and harmful toxins that don’t serve the best interest of you. I will discuss many ways to cleanse your space in 2020.

What are the benefits of cleansing your space?

* To create a more peaceful environment in a subtle way

* To create a better flow of energy in your home, office, or space that you occupy the most

* Sleep better - when the world around you is calm it creates a better environment for sleep and relaxation

* A clear space helps you to find your focus

* Clean and clear energy opens the door to creativity

Ways to cleanse your space

-Burning sage in my home is my favorite way to release negative energy. Sage removes stagnant energy from a space and leaves a feeling of vitality. The herb also helps you to let go of physical and emotional trauma. The burning of sage aids In relaxation and helps the deeper mediation process when needed.

-Bath Detox - If you are feeling tired, lethargic, moody, or off-kilter detoxing harmful toxin from the body with bath salts is a great way to feel grounded again. A healing bath made with magnesium sulfate, sea salt, Himalayan salt, and kaolin clay not only cleanses and softens the skin, but the regenerative bath also corrects your aura and leaves your skin glowing.

- Yoga and meditation - are a great way to detox and center your thoughts. Yoga has various positions to cleanse, detox, and inspire you inwardly. Yoga has been a long practice of connecting the mind with the body. The positions along with body movements and deep breathing increases and improve the flow of blood, oxygen, and energy in the tissues, muscles, and organs which in turn detoxifies the system.

Meditation is another way to clear your space from negative energy. Thinking positive thoughts is a great way to raise your vibration. Also, developing a mantra, saying it daily, and reciting it during times of distress is a good way to raise your positive vibration as well. Yoga and Meditation using an essential oil like frankincense helps to ground your emotions and deepen your thoughts so that you can focus and release the problems that are plaguing.

-Decluttering is another way to cleanse your energy. Clutter attracts dust, dirt, and mildew and eventually overtime impacts the air quality in a room especially if the room is compact. When you declutter, you make way for better air quality and good natural airflow. This aspect increases your creativity and gives a boost to your mental health. Decluttering makes you feel better. One way to keep your cleared space up is to have some organization afterward. Visualize the room and designate a spot for all your needs. Scheduling a weekend to declutter. you can also discard the clutter in between to keep your space clutter-free throughout the year.

-Add air purifying plants into the mix of your cleanse for 2020. Bringing nature indoors is an element we often overlook. Plants are an amazing addition to any space. Spider plants add visual charm to any decor. The plants are easy to take care of and not fussy. Water them 2 -3 times per week. The best part is spider plants are non-toxic so they can be added to any space where children are present.

English Ivy’s is another that plant that removes toxins from the air. They can be grown into any shape and can grow in full sun or shade. With proper care, the English ivy can last for years in your space

-Digital Detox is what I often do to reduce stress. Unplugging from social media, smartphones, computers, television, and movies is sometimes necessary to rejuvenate your mind. Often modern devices are the cause of stress-related conditions. Choose real-life social interactions without the distraction of a device instead will boost your spirit and deepen your relationship with others.

-Go for a walk in nature. Whether it be on a lunch break, in the evening, early mornings or whenever you need a distraction a walk-in nature revives energy and renews the mind.

Lastly, welcome new beginnings, and open your heart and mind to the future. Write down new goals, plan for those goals, and accomplish them one small step at a time. Let go of old habits and toxic relationships. Throw away self- doubt that prevents you from succeeding. Develop a ritual to say goodbye to the old and welcome in the new.

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