Best Guarded Secrets About Organic, Natural, Vegan, and Plant-Based Products

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Before you spend another dollar on beauty products there are some things you need to know. Not every natural product is indeed natural. Usually, natural-based products were higher in prices and the ingredients were hard to find. Long gone are those days. Now the dilemma these days is to define what is natural, what is organic, and what is plant-based and the difference between them all.

What is Natural

A product must contain 1% of sourced mineral ingredients to be labeled as natural. The botanical ingredients are listed in their Latin name and usually at the beginning of the ingredient list. Some brands give the percentage of natural ingredients and some do not. One way to find out what an ingredient is to research it.

Some natural products require a preservative. They are listed as parabens, phthalates, synthetics, colors, dyes, or fragrances. Keep in mind that fragrances are considered artificial and manufactured in a lab. Essential oils are not fragrances. They are plants distilled into oil. Essential oils can be organic and enhance the quality of natural products.


A tiny percentage of organic material is needed for a product to be labeled organic. I was shocked by this as well! One can check for the Soil organic logo on a product and this will certify that the product is sourced using sustainable, organically farmed

ingredients that are not tested on animals, and free from any harmful chemicals, dyes, or parabens. Take note that some minerals cannot be organic because of the nature in which it was made. Water, salt, or clays are a few of those minerals.


Another tricky label is vegan. There is no legal regulation on how a product is a label as vegan. The best way to ensure that a product is vegan is to look for the Vegan Society Logo. A product that is labeled as such certifies that no animal ingredients are manufactured into the process and has never been tested on animals. A second way to tell is to look for a cruelty-free logo. The Leaping Bunny logo is the international symbol that guarantees a product is never tested on animals.


Plant-Based or synthetic free means a product contains no man-made ingredients and is 100% made of natural compounds found in the elements. One can say these are botanical ingredients and the terms are unregulated on how it is used. Keep in mind that a product can be a synthetic fee and not organic.

My favorite way to formulate a product Is through plant-based methods. I believe in using 100% natural ingredients where possible. Also, know that some products cannot always be natural due to the composition of the need. Nearly natural products can achieve the same goal when formulated under the right conditions, by the right person.

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