Best Body Oil Tips You Will Read This Year

During the summer keeping properly, moisturized skin is easier than other times of the year. Quenching your skin's thirst can become quite a feat when there are so many options. Creams rub off quickly leaving your skin dry. Body lotions work almost the same. The good news is that body oils offer a perfect solution to your dry skin and overall health.

What is Body Oil?

Body oil is a highly concentrated liquid carrier oil use to enhance the appearance and quality of the skin. The best body oils are made with natural, organic, and vegan oils that are produced from plants, roots, flowers, or leaves. Most body oils are formulated to get the maximum amount of moisture without the high cost found in over the counter store products.

Here are a few tips to help you maximize your journey into body oils.

Some oils include a special blend of ingredients designed to help specific areas of your body. Some can alleviate pain and sore muscles. Others can relieve an upset stomach or improve circulation, and some are blended for emotional wellness. You may find body oils can also be a delightful blend formulated to be used as a perfume. It is important to understand the reason for the use of organic oil.

Applying body oil after a shower while the skin is still damp is my favorite method of use. A little goes a long way and the moisture works wonders on dry skin.

During the day giving your skin an extra dose prolongs the moisture especially around dry areas like heels and feet.

Scented body oils go back to the special blends. Using pure essential oil enhances the blend and targets the areas that need special attention. Be sure to understand how the essential oils work and if the blend is the right formula for you.

How to Make a Calming Body Oil


  • 1 oz glass bottle

  • 5 drops of Bergamot

  • 5 drops of Geranium

  • 5 drops of Palmarosa

  • Sweet Almond Oil (almost 1 oz)


Add essential oils to bottle and swirl to incorporate. Add sweet almond oil to neck of bottle. Use during a massage or as a daily moisturizing oil after your shower.

Enjoy your blend!!

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