7 Reasons You Should Use a Hair Serum

Have you ever had a bad hair day? Your hair appears dry, frizzy, or overworked. When washing your hair does it tangle easily and the more you tug you can see the strands coming out resulting in hair loss. The humidity in the south does not help. Our hair can be perfectly styled one minute and when we get to our destination the hairstyle is gone. Using a hair serum can correct these issues and bring your hair back to its healthy state.

What is a Hair Serum?

Hair serum acts as an agent to improve hair conditions for those who suffer from frizzy, dry, dull, lackluster hair. You can reduce frizz, add shine and make hair more manageable using a hair serum. Most hair serums that are store-bought contain silicone and after extended use, they cause hair breakage. Another negative about silicone-based hair oil is that it cost a fortune for the upkeep and because it does not have compatible properties to the hair you will need to try a bunch before you find the right one. This can become costly.

What Does Hair Serum Do?

An all-natural hair serum will leave your hair looking shinier and feeling thicker. Natural hair serum strengthens thin hair, promotes smoothness, and helps hair to stay strong while it grows. Also, hair serum keeps the scalp and hair follicles from over-drying, so you do not experience hair loss. Fly away hair is tamed, and the hair is restored to its previous state.

How does hair serum work?

Dispense the hair serum into your palm, then rub your hands together. The friction from rubbing your hands will warm the serum and eliminate stickiness. Apply to the ends, then work your way upwards. Start with 1 pump for fine hair. For denser hair 2-3 pumps.

Do not apply to roots or massage into the scalp. Since hair serum has no water content you don’t want to apply directly to the scalp. Applying serum directly to the scalp will increase hair’s chances of looking greasy around your hairline. Also, when you apply any hair serum directly to your roots, you risk clogging the follicle. A clogged hair follicle can lead to root damage and potentially permanent hair loss!

Since all-natural hair serum is formulated from natural ingredients, it’s important to understand how it will work and feel. If you’re used to those slippery, silky (and synthetic) hair serums, you may be expecting something that isn’t quite natural. Our serum is still silky, but thinner than those thick formulas you’re used to. Heavy hair serums can weigh down your hair and become greasy throughout the day. This is not the look you are going for with natural hair serums.

Hair Serum Benefits

1) Multi-Purpose

A hair serum solves many hair issues. From frizzy to dry, broken hair to thin hair, a hair serum converts bad hair into good hair days. A few drops of oil is all you will need to keep your hair looking healthy.

2) Protects Hair

Hair serum is an excellent protectant against heat, sun damage, dirt, dust, and pollution. It prevents your hair from getting damaged. This is why it is advised by top hairstylists to use a heat protecting serum before using hot styling tools.

3) Gives Shine To The Hair

The layer of protection formed by a hair serum acts as a reflector of light thus making your hair look shiny and lustrous. Hair serum is rich with antioxidants, and essential fatty acids that protect chemically treated hair.

4) Prevents Hair fall From Breakage

A hair serum works as a lubricant to detangle hair resulting in less hair falling out. When our hair becomes tangled, we tend to tug and pull until it becomes loose. A hair serum works to breakdown the barrier so fewer strands are lost during detangling.

5) Best For Dry Hair

The biggest advantage for those who have frizzy hair is that hair serum locks in the moisture and makes hair smooth and shiny.

6) Nourishes Hair And Makes Them Manageable

Hair serums revive brittle and damaged hair. Our hair becomes more manageable which further makes it easier to style. Energy, time, and patience are all saved when you use hair serums.

7) Ideal For Parties, Events and the Holidays.

If you want to turn heads at your next party then do it with a head full of shiny, lustrous, healthy-looking hair. Hair serums will give the necessary boost your hair needs in a short amount of time so that you can focus on your event. The transformation takes only minutes which is useful before big events.

When developing a hair serum I choose lavender and rosemary essential oil. Lavender is an oil that helps the hair to grow thicker and stronger in a short amount of time. Lavender is also antimicrobial which means it prevents bacteria and fungi from growing within the hair. When applied directly to the scalp it may prevent itching and dandruff. If you want to get the most benefits from Lavender, you should apply directly to the scalp using a carrier oil then massage. Lastly, lavender's floral fragrance and calming effect will bring a gentle relaxation that will quiet you down.

Rosemary essential is unique for hair growth. I chose this oil for my hair serum because it has properties that work like popular hair growth products that are prescribed by a dermatologist. Rosemary can improve cellular generation and stimulate hair growth at the roots. The oil improves increases circulation in the scalp. Anyone that is experiencing hair loss can benefit from rosemary essential oil depending on the cause. Rosemary is an amazing oil to use because it will not leave you with an itchy dry scalp like most brands. I also added argan oil and camellia seed oil to this hair serum. These are the finest hair oils there is today. Argan oil softens the hair while hydrating and naturally help increase hair's elasticity and restores shine to dull lifeless hair. Camellia seed oil revives dull frizzy hair leaving your hair smooth and silky

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